The ability to quickly adopt advanced technologies while retaining your network service quality can provide a powerful competitive advantage. Services give you this ability. Designed for highly scalable end-to-end 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks, the True Connect features continuous system operations and transport flexibility. True Connect innovative networking capabilities such as unified fabric; I/O consolidation; and high-performance, low-latency, 10 Gigabit Ethernet/Fibre Channel over Ethernet
(FCoE) switching. These capabilities help enable scalable server virtualization, can help lower power and cooling costs, and are critical to efficiently supporting a highly available data center core and server access.

 They also help you address the higher bandwidth requirements that result from aggregating servers when you consolidate or virtualize your data center network. True Connect Services can help you build a next-generation data center architecture and efficiently incorporate the True Connect Switches into your data center environment. We offer best practices and subject matter experts to help you quickly and efficiently integrate new data center solutions and technologies into a high-performance, resilient, and scalable data center architecture that meets your business objectives.

  True Connect delivered by a cross-functional team of experts with extensive experience with data center initiatives. We use proven methodologies to help you define a customized, validated solution architecture that fits your unique requirements and reduces the risk of deploying new technologies.

  After your True Connect solution is deployed, True Connect can continue to help you optimize your data center so you can maintain your network performance and resiliency. Our goal is to understand and help you achieve your data center vision. True Connect are available across all phases of the network lifecycle. True Connect services approach helps you to accelerate your success with advanced technologies while increasing the return on your network investment.
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