Technology Camera (CCTV Camera)
True Connect Co., Ltd. whose a services provider in the system and install security solution of CCTV Camera with a professional services. To help customer and organizations can secure more effectively. Also reduce costs maintain security for less make customers feel at ease with changing security is designed to be suitable for the types of businesses and meet the customers requirement.
Features of CCTV
-Monitoring the safety of equipmint or where important guests.
-Various record-keeping documents. To identify what is abnormal or persons offending

Monitoring and other taske.
-Check operation of equipment or person shall be neatly
-Record important events. Or conference report.
-Work whit orthe automated systems.
Type of device CCTV (we sold).
CCTV. for residential security.
- Taken in the area to monitor the intrusion of outsiders.
- View pictures from the field with an IP network connection and can be simultaneously more than one camera
- Feature Work with sophisticated systems such as Motion Detection, SMS Alarm, Scheduling, Remote View to meet the highest need.
- Able to work with other security systems such as Access Control, Alarm System etc.

Content overview.
CCTV for security in this accommodation. Allows you to check the order in your area whether you wherever Yu. With an Internet connection will help you get more comfortable. You can also record images of CCTV. To verify the incident archive. Also, you can use to check the behavior of people living in your accommodation for accident prevention or control areas. Potential. The model works with TCP / IP to connect to a security other systems such as Access Control (Access Control) or Alarm System signals (Alarm System) etc.

CCTV equipment for your home.
2.ADSL Router
3. Computers.

CCTV for security retailer.
(Network Camera for Retail Store).
Benefits of IP camera systems for retailers.
- Is compatible with the security branch in each store. To increase efficiency and reduce damage caused by your shipment is lost. Or theft.
- Can alert the incident quickly. And sending a warning message. (SMS) mobile phone, or send E-Mail to the user can edit a timely manner to the incident quickly.
- Can the image incident as evidence in litigation with the offender. Backup data can also insert the CD-ROM.

Overall content.
The system uses camera IP Camera comes with retailers that will enhance security. Including also the many other benefits, such as monitoring the behavior of restaurant staff. The integration with POS systems, or even compatible with other security systems that are available in stores. For management tasks is to quickly and efficiently.
CCTV for security in the industry.
(Network Camera for Industrial System).
- Increase efficiency and reduce costs for security.
- Can be controlled via the CCTV.
- Capture and burn to monitor the actions of different areas within the plant and machinery.
- Can alert via SMS or E-Mail to.
- Motion picture capture system (Motion Detection).
- Able to work with the Access Control and Alarm System.
Overall content.
CCTV for security in the industry.
Can improve performance for your industry in full. Whether it's checking the machine via the computer screen, thus reducing the risk of accidents that could happen to employees. Or suspend the machine in case of anomalies occur. You can also view previous image analysis to improve the production model to develop more effective. CCTV for security in the district.
(Network Video City Surveillance System).
- Security and Surveillance Landmarks crime.
- Monitor and control an emergency situation arising.
- Check the previous event.
- Facilitating traffic control.

Content overview.
CCTV for security in the district's innovative CCTV systems that are popular today. The adoption of technologies such as network technologies such as LAN, WAN and Internet systems applied in conjunction with CCTV. You can see the picture on the computer screen from anywhere in the world. You can also view pictures from your PDA or mobile phone, too. The system will record images stored for viewing or check back incident. You can also set alerts to signal when an intruder into the prohibited area or the display at night too. The IP Camera technology has also been used in traffic to help check the incident on the road more quickly. And monitoring traffic. Including accidents occurring in that area. It is also compatible with programs related to the processing of images such as the count (Counting) used to record license plate (License Plate) etc.
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