Overview of Technology Data Center.
     IT systems today is to take the role of business-related organizations or enterprises of all sectors. From individual work to improve the business. Technology enables IT to become part of a system that helps to reduce costs and increase profits higher.

Technology Information Center (Data Center) It is a business strategy that helps organizations in stability operations also help prevent the database to get maximum security. The good data center design must accommodate the growth of the organization and future technology more effectively.
Benefit from the installation data center Data Center.
- Reduce cost and reduce costs.
- The combined power of multiple applications for the S. And equipment to small pieces.
- You can centrally manage data easily.
- Prevent loss of data.
Electrical system - we have designed the electrical system data center (Data Center) to prepare for power events. Whether from natural disaster. Or accidents associated with other electrical equipment. The preparation backup device that can remove the shutdown operation. There is also a filter before entering the power equipment to a computer or electronics equipment Nick. Working with UPS power backup device with a battery backup for a large work hard

Air conditioning controls the temperature and humidity - with the installation system will allow devices within data centers (Data Center) to work under the right circumstances all the time. We can control the electrical work at different temperatures up to 3 degrees and humidity to maintain the highest standards of safety equipment in data centers (Data Center).

Fire protection - fire can cause severe damage to computer equipment that Will be protected by security systems that are optimized to work. A form of censorship that was installed by the various systems and water injection spot. There are also technologies appropriate for fire protection in data centers (Data Center), which forms a different example.
- Fire warning system sensitive.
- Automatic fire extinguishing system with clean substances (FM 200).
- Comment System Fire Up the fog water proof credentials.

Access control system
- to information security within an organization. We have the technology to control people - from the data center (Data Center) such as full.
Fingerprint system.
Database to verify identity.
Working in the international standard
ISO 9001: 2008.

With a commitment to serve its customers, True Connect Ltd is continuously. The company has received the international quality management ISO 9001: 2008 which is a guarantee of effectiveness in the management of clients and organizations.

Team that you trust (Professional Service).
True Connections Ltd provides clients with a team of skill. Since the survey location, design, installation, testing and use. Include availability of service 24 hours in case a problem arises with our customers. The team that aims to be a part of the development organization's customer success is our highest goal.
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