Saving Money. With VoIP telephony.
"VoIP" (Voice over Internet Protocal) or Internet telephony. Become a service that has been discussed much in the field of technology, VoIP (VoIP) stands that Boys Over IP (Voice over Internet Protocol) (or a different IP Telephony, Internet telephony, or Digital Phone). as voice communications over Internet networks. Or other networks. Use of the Internet protocol profiles. Instead of using only the means of communication circuits in the traditional phone system. The advantages of VoIP is to use the network efficiently. The rates are down a lot.
Introduction to "VoIP" VOIP.
Communications with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocal) by converting audio into digital signals. Then passed to the Internet network (IP) where you can call anyone. A voice channel at a price affordable. It costs less than a normal phone. Important sound similar. The regular phone calls. For standard of VoIP are two types.
- H.323 standard is a standard defined in the first phase of the technology used. For manufacturers to develop software and hardware. Since the basis of this standard is designed for connection via the Internet Protocol is not popular in the Internet connection network. And working later than the standard SIP.
- Standard SIP is a standard set up new Essentially the work via Internet or Internet Protocol devices, allowing manufacturers to use a standard to connect the software and hardware. Which is widely popular today.
Benefits of VoIP.
1. Costs of communication were down. And more comfortable.
2. There is no limit to expand network Anywhere in the world. That can connect to the Internet. Today, network Internet. Quite appropriate Allowing the VoIP system (VOIP) is completely Sound similar or equal to an ordinary phone, and some VOIP phones can Contact both picture and sound. Simultaneously Allows to visualize your conversation partner.
Save phone calls to your organization.
Because of the call out system Continental ¾ VoIP VOIP rates are down a lot. Allowing your organization to reduce phone bills. A lot. Or lower than half of it is that.
Once installed VoIP (VOIP) will be what.
• Answering System (IVR).
• You can save messages in MAIL BOX when you do not have the answer.
• You can divert to mobile.
• Ring Hold.
• the service is down.
• many more.
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